Prom Night Pecker

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  • Nom nom italiano.

    what the hell is this crap?
    it’s like he has super wrinkly silk pants. :I
    looks stupid.

  • Matty

    he is definitely holding onto something with his left hand but yeah, his pants are way too baggy. Look at how they pop up around his knee.

  • Queen Bee

    His biggest problem is certainly those god-awful trousers. At least an obvious, proper boner would have detracted attention away from them. Thus, awkward as hell, if only because of his appalling sense of “style”.

  • Zz

    I’ve analyzed the above photo and this is what I have determined:
    To the immediate left of his left hand is his boner, most likely a semi.
    The object protruding from his inner right thigh is his wallet, no doubt inside the rear right pocket of the oversized silky pants which has shifted toward his inner-thigh as a result of the position he’s sitting in…and because he’s a douchebag who wears huge oversized pants. Clearly, that turns him on nonetheless.

  • HibernatingCub

    I recognize those pants – they’re from an old episode of Sanford & Son.

  • RockJock

    Is gangsta to have two bonas

  • Hank

    lol this douche bag wannabe gangster looks like an idiot.
    Rich daddy must have lent the kid his buick to go to prom in.

  • anon

    he has like 30 ‘bulges’ and bumps in those shitty pants

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