Most Awkward Most Understandable Most Voted
1That's no womanThat's No Woman...4534 votes
2BasketbonerBasketboner4257 votes
3Can you blame him?I've got a bone to pick with you two...3933 votes
4The Boyfriend BonerThe Boyfriend Boner3912 votes
5Tighty WhitiesTighty Whities3659 votes
6Letting It SlipFriends with Bonefits3604 votes
7beach1Beach Boner Bingo!3178 votes
8wrestlingBig Issues to Wrestle With3059 votes
9Spider-BoneSpider-Bone 22953 votes
10The Pool PokeThe Pool Poke2950 votes
11BonerI hear this teacher is a hard marker2917 votes
12Park RangerPark Ranger2813 votes
13The Large ManThe Large Man2603 votes
14You wanna wraaastle?You wanna wraaastle??2513 votes
15Bieber BonerBieber Boner2510 votes
16Sea-rectionSea-rection2485 votes
17Spider-BoneSpider-Bone2433 votes
18party in pantsThere's a party in my pants!2406 votes
19Stiffy on the SubwayStiffy on the Subway2378 votes
20Pvt. PartsPvt. Parts2336 votes

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