Most Awkward Most Understandable Most Voted
1That's no womanThat's No Woman...96% awkward
2Dick in a DiaperDick in a Diaper95% awkward
3The Large ManThe Large Man94% awkward
4Candlestick ParkCandlestick Park94% awkward
5Park RangerPark Ranger93% awkward
6CSI: Crotch Scene InvestigationCSI: Crotch Scene Investigation93% awkward
7Check out my new khakis from H&MCheck out my new Khakis from H&M93% awkward
8Big Dick CheneyBig Dick Cheney93% awkward
9BasketbonerBasketboner93% awkward
10n509129685_53278_6313Trance In My Pants93% awkward
11Spider-BoneSpider-Bone 293% awkward
12Boners on HolidayBoners on Holiday92% awkward
13Goo Goo G'Joob!Goo Goo G'Joob!92% awkward
14BonerI hear this teacher is a hard marker92% awkward
15a1009I am here in solidarity with all awkward boner victims!92% awkward
16Riding My HorseRiding My Horse92% awkward
17Street MeatStreet Meat92% awkward
18hossbonerHungry Eyes92% awkward
19Sheik It, Baby!Sheik It, Baby!92% awkward
20Goosed!Goosed!92% awkward

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