Most Awkward Most Understandable Most Voted
1Beach Ball, Part 2Beach Ball, Part 20% awkward
2Boner BombBoner Bomb0% awkward
3Adult Video Store StiffiesAdult Video Store Stiffies0% awkward
4Anti-Gay Protester Shows Wood for Gay Rights MarchersAnti-Gay Protester Shows Wood for Gay Rights Marchers0% awkward
5No thumbnailCollege Is Awkward0% awkward
6Show and TellShow and Tell0% awkward
7"This Is It" Dancer Shows His Magic Stick"This Is It" Dancer Shows His Magic Stick0% awkward
8Spider-BoneSpider-Bone0% awkward
9Study BuddyStudy Buddy0% awkward
10Tighty WhitiesTighty Whities0% awkward
11It Just Went From 6 to MidnightIt Just Went From 6 to Midnight0% awkward
12Pubic TransportPubic Transport0% awkward
13Everyone Loves a BonerEveryone Wants a Boner0% awkward
14Holy BonerHoly Boner0% awkward
15The Boner CaféThe Boner Café0% awkward
16A Wand in the ParkA Wand In the Park0% awkward
17Awkward Boner ManAwkward Boner Man0% awkward
18The Morningwood CommuteThe Morning Wood Commute0% awkward
19Tube BonerTube Boner0% awkward
20River LoggingRiver Logging0% awkward
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