Goo Goo G’Joob!

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  • B. Jax

    This is already on awkward family photos.

  • Lacy

    Really, this photo makes me so uncomfortable. Not because I’m in to animal erections, but because I could have happily lived my life without ever seeing one.

  • Alex

    See this walrus in a Spanish zoo , it’s having fun!

  • Shmoopty

    It’s fun seeing that photo make the rounds everywhere, but it’s probably truth time about now.

    That is a Photoshopped human penis.

    Walrus junk in no way resembles that.

  • NoBody

    Is this really a boner or just a big animal dick?

  • Dani

    Yeah, awkward family photos featured this on May 16.

  • maccallister

    hahaha i cant stop laughing with this photo!!!is that really that animal’s dick?without special effects????hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  • Doubtful Thomas

    So is this a Jewish walrus?
    I wasn’t aware that sea animals received circumcisions at the zoo…

  • Madison G

    OH NO, I SAW A WALRUS MASTURBATING AT SEAWORLD! I geuss they are very horny little.. erm big animals!

  • Anonymous

    “goo goo g’joob” – pure genius!

  • Anonymous

    it’s a gay walrus

    notice the “hand on the hip” move and the limp flipper LOL

    (I’m a gay man, I can tell)

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a walrus. It’s more likely a sea lion. Walruses have tusks.



  • dum ass

    thats going to be hard for the parents to explaine when the daughter is looking through the vacation photo album

  • Joannah

    geez that is awkward

  • Anonymous

    technically, walrusii are always hard – they have a bacculuum.

  • dave

    thats what I must look like an old wrinkled fat ugly guy when i nude sunbake

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