Beach Ball, Part 2 October 8, 2009

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  • Boner Watcher

    It’s a potato! lol

  • Eden

    This is REALLY weird. The first instance is just huge balls, but this guy has like… super perky balls or something… It’s like a ball push up bra.

  • Like ur site…

    thats not an awkward boner, thats just a big penis.

  • bob

    A lot of guys have curves on their erections. His could curve down so snake down by his balls and bulge everything out & up.

  • chainsaw

    Ever heard the joke with the punchline, “the potato goes in the front?”

    Clearly, this guy has, and took the information to heart. Penises simply aren’t shaped that way.

  • Bob

    What beach was this taken at?

  • KT

    Soft cup-lined Speedo…no real mystery here

  • R

    It simple really…his cock is pointing down while getting an erection…the tight material prevents it from srpinging up and gives the speedo this shape…thats all…

  • Ario

    U guys are all clueless. He’s obviously a stuffer…. No speedo, or large teste can be blamed for that, only a handkerchief or or napkin.

  • w.whirl

    “‘R. Is the only person who clearly has a clue.'” Men who are well endowed,tend to tuck their penis downward,which causes the spherical bulge upon erection.Otherwise this guy would be lying there with a boner sticking straight up,proably peeking out of the top of his speedo. Duh……it’s not rocket science!

  • lhntx

    w.whirl is correct. The guy tucks it, and he has a semi-erection, which causes the curve. It’s not exactly rocket science. If he had an actual erection – the curve would be gone and the erection would be obvious. There are big differences between an erection, a semi and a box/basket. This seems to cause a lot of confusion on this site!!!

  • Hello…

    Thank you to w.whirl and lhntx for setting the record straight.

  • nick

    have you not noticed the guy behind him it looks likes hes holding down his erection lol

  • shea

    There is underwear and bathing suits aimed at gay men where their junk goes through a ring. this is meant to push everything forward thereby making his package look more pronounced/bigger than it actually even is (much like a push up bra puts the cupcakes in the window).

  • Anonymous

    this is called nice package… not “awkward boner”…

  • Roberticus

    This looks like the old ring trick. A ring thrusts your junk up and forward and makes the mousiest guy look like he’s got more than he does. Very common.

  • UncleErnie

    Hello, look around, it’s a gay beach. Most of the guys there are probably showing off their junk just like him!

  • Anonymous

    stuffing speedo so as to appear well endowed

  • diddy

    he has a chode

  • Cazeh

    Lol why does he have a tennis ball down his pants?

  • darden

    could be a pumper, my pumper friend always has a kinda smushy ball shaped bulge…

  • Prince Amnesia

    Im Southern Decadence Prince of Perversion VI (yes 2008) I have in my years workin in the industry learned what is real and what is.

    Chances are hes either is

    A. Wearing a ring
    B. just has natuarlly big balls
    C. Soft Cup Speedo’s (yes they have them)
    D. All of the above

  • Jaux

    Speedo stuffer. Some people thing he has a LARGE manhood, when in reality he has SMALL manhood.

  • TVoice

    his thing curves downward.

  • Dave

    His penis is just pushed down in that curve. there is no way he boner is actually that shape.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people on this site so convinced that the average man walks around in public with a ring on?

  • The person.

    That’s his leg…

  • Anonymous

    Its the bush!!!!

  • I know

    So I’m speaking from a place of perspective. His penis could be shaped in a way that actually curves down when erect (Like a parabola)

  • random

    lol. soft cup speedo.

  • Bon Aire


  • Anonymous


  • stevie

    it’s just tucked downnnnnnnn… some guys do that. my ex put his between his legs before he went to sleep at night. now that is a mystery

  • Anonymous

    There are bulge-enhancing swimwear that will push the bulge up and out like that. He could be a show-er and entirely soft in that picture.

  • Anon

    There’s Kleenex stuffed in them shorts.

  • E.

    It’s a pair of socks, or a potatoe.

  • Anonymous

    its his kneee

  • Alex

    I think it’s those special speedos that work just like a push up for bras… Don’t remember how they’re called :s

  • LOL

    ok, everyone…it’s called a tube-sock

  • stuffer

    its not a boner he probably stuffs his speedo, or has a huge package, thats really the only explanation, its not like his penis is a sphere

  • Anonymous

    I think this is merely an optical illusion….knee-length bicycle shorts. We are all rhapsodizing about this guys thigh!! Penis is totally out of the line of vision.


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