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Life of the Party May 20, 2010 15 Comments

This young man seems to be having a great time at the party. But I think she’s enjoying it more than he is.

Credit: Lamebook

Big Brother August 27, 2009 20 Comments

Big Brother

How awkward is it to have a boner when you’re surrounded by your younger sister and her friends?

Credit: Carlos

Boner Attack April 15, 2009 10 Comments

Clearly our work here at is not complete while people with boners still come under attack. Here we see, in broad daylight, a guy have his boner slapped by a couple of young hooligans. One day we hope this kind of senseless violence against boner-bearing men will be put to an end.

Jonas Boners April 7, 2009 17 Comments

The Jonas Brothers, known for getting girls excited, clearly also have the sexual aura to get themselves just as excited.  These young adults need only to learn to control that power and save it for AFTER the photo shoot.

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