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Big Issues to Wrestle With October 1, 2009 38 Comments

Big Issues to Wrestle With

Do you think he’s noticed?

Is It My Turn Yet? September 2, 2009 7 Comments

Is It My Turn Yet?

This guy’s clearly looking forward to getting in on the action.

Credit: Salyto

Boners for Jesus August 22, 2009 38 Comments


This wrestling team somewhere in Eastern Europe fights with God on their side, and are generally unbeatable in all competitions (except the not-getting-a-boner-while-rolling-around-in-spandex-with-another-guy competition).

Polish Sausage May 12, 2009 33 Comments


I don’t know what it is about sports that involve  spandex suits like cycling, wrestling and rowing, but it always seems to create a Team Boner effect.  I’ve never done either of these sports at a high level, so perhaps in the comments someone could explain this effect.  Is this a team bonding / trust exercise that coaches get the athletes to do?  The polish cycling team here sure seems to have bonded using boners.

You wanna wraaastle?? April 17, 2009 32 Comments

You wanna wraaastle??

Clearly one of the more awkward occasions to notice a boner is when the boner victim is about to roll around on the floor with you with only a thin sheet of spandex between the two of you. The face on the other guy says it all.

What a bonehead! April 4, 2009 34 Comments

Wrestling boner

The wrestling might be fake, but the boner is definitely real. Can anyone identify either of these two wrestlers?

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