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Teen Titans June 13, 2009 26 Comments

Teen Titans

This kid is either dressed up as Robin, or he’s chosen to be one of the lesser known Teen Titans, Awkward Boner Boy.

Credit: Jonny

The Beach Boner April 6, 2009 17 Comments

Arnold sent us the following photo:

Beach boner

It’s an Awkward Boners first – one of our readers has submitted a photo of himself with a boner. Not only that, he even wanted us to use his real name in the credit. Is this a sign that times are changing? Has Awkward Boners succeeded in its mission of making the boner something to be proud of rather than ashamed of? We can only hope that this is the start of a new era, one of boner acceptance and respect.

Writes Arnold, “I had just been rescued by a teenage lifeguard and I had no other way to prove to asian girls that i was still a man. So I would consider this a totally understandable use of boners.”

Well folks, it’s up to you to decide. Awkward or understandable?


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